We are not in the business of travel, we are the architects of unforgettable experiences

For many years, we at Vietnam Travel have been a premier choice for travelers in Canada and North America looking to visit niche destinations: Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Europe.

We offer everything from airfare to visa and accommodations, excursions, guided tours, special event assistance, special occasion service setups like honeymoons, and lengthy and complex, or often multi-destination. We have direct interaction with all major airlines and tourism boards so that our travelers receive the best in airfare, accommodation, and tours.

We’re excited to be part of your travel experience, whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure or a short holiday with your family.

Why travel with Vietnam Travel?


Whatever your style is, we will support you and give you the freedom to customize your vacation. We have a small, tight-knit tailor-made team of experts to give advice and assist you to craft the ideal trip.


Our local partner company is the longest established tour operator in Southeast Asia and their native team has a wealth of knowledge to help guide and advise you.


The most excellent service at the most reasonable price is our strong commitment. All inclusions and exclusions are extremely clear.

& Distinctive

You are not just a customer, you are our friend. As such, we show you an authentic and unique Southeast Asia by every single element of the vacation, one that will make a lifelong memory.

Our value


Simply put, we love what we do. We connect amazing people with one thing in common: an insatiable appetite and passion for discovering the world and for empowering others to discover the same.


We’re creative, and we love solving problems in new ways that improve and enhance the client experience, and we continuously learn.


Our travel experts are focused on trying to find something unique, something special, something unforgettable for all our travellers. But above all, our experiences are authentic.


We deliver what we promise, and only promise what we can deliver. We do what we say with warmth and a great deal of thought.